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Librarian by day, Tumblr-obsessed by...well, anytime, actually. My other latest obsessions are Sherlock, Elementary, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Zombies, Run!, Doctor Who, anything by Joss Whedon, and Siamese cats. :)

Celebrities who shouldn’t release a rap record: Snagglepuss

What do you call that evening meal? Dinner? Supper? Tea? Especially fascinating to Anglophiles or Regency Romance readers!! :)

"Weird Things To Time"

Nightly bedside prayers of Whose Line cast members


STOP. Who approacheth the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see.

WHAT…is your name?

WHAT…is your quest?






WHAT…is your favorite color?

~~My name is Lady Elizabeth! ~~I seek a clean desk of which I can actually see the surface! ~~My favorite color actually depends upon the circumstances. You see, as a general color, I like purple. But on the other hand, if I was painting a room, I’d probably pick blue. For a shirt, I just can’t wear pastels with out looking dead, so I love wearing burgandyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….. >gets launched off the edge of the misty chasm that divides libraries and park districts
We use this little card so much that it went from being being waaaaaay down in the bottom of my wallet to, like, right after my license and debit card.

a regular dad, handing over his library card to put his son’s favorite Steve Jenkins book on hold. (via tales-from-the-childrens-room)


It’s the bendy bit.

i died.


Poor Dan Patterson…


Poor Dan Patterson…




#i havent seen one episode of this show but i would swan dive into a volcano if she asked me to (via deepspacednine)

I have seen every episode of this show and I would swan dive into a volcano if she asked me to

I wish someone would add the scene where he calls her Ma’am and she says “It’s not crunch time yet, Mr Kim, I’ll let you know when.”


for all the whosers

mmimic said: Hello! Do you know if any of our tumblarians are children's/youth services librarians? Thank you!







Raise your hand for mmimic if you work with the childrenz!

waves hand wildly in the air« Ooo!! Oooo!!! Me!! I do!! Meeee!!!! :)

*puts hands in the air like I just don’t care*

me too!

I just made my raised hand into a puppet—and began talking to it. Does that answer your question?

Paint covered hands are raised!

Ages ten and up over here.

Me!!!! We really need a good, unified tumblr tag for us! Any suggestions?


sorry! your password must contain at least seventeen roman numerals and the entire script of shrek the third

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